6of5Wiki Version 0.9.2 released

This is the second update of the public beta of 6of5Wiki which brings a few new features. All new features and improvements are listed at the end of this article.

I would shortly like to introduce two nice features in more details:

jQuery lightBox plugin to show inline images as diashow

A nice feature especially for private focused wikis with many pictures. You simple click on a picture and it will be shown in the full resolution and you have the possibility to move to the next image on the page. In short it makes a small diashow of all pictures on the current page.


Ok, this feature is missed by many people for a long time. But now it is available and shows for the current room the list of existing wiki pages. Also the total number of pages in the room is displayed in brackets. As is always easy to create content and pages in a wiki but the challenge is to find them again, the PageIndex is an important feature for gaining access to pages. Here the scrennshot of the page index of the german help room:

You can download the new version as registered user as freeware. If you do not have already account so far, please register.

List of all Improvements and new Features


  • SOF-84 – ease restrictions on room code – enable numbers from second character on, align length
  • SOF-105 – Show warning if javascript is disabled for pages which use javascript

New Feature

  • SOF-62 – Page Index
  • SOF-77 – Show only backlinks the user has access rights to
  • SOF-79 – Hide Deletion Links/Buttons on JSP, if corresponding Right is missing
  • SOF-103 – Add jQuery lightBox plugin to enable full view of images
  • SOF-104 – Add RecentChanges on Cockpit (via jQuery ajax json rest call)


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