6of5 Wiki is a java based wiki engine which is best used in corporate intranets or as private social network. 6of5 Wiki supports multiple languages.  Support for english language is already build since the first version. 

Features of 6of5 Wiki

  • Quick setup.  An installation can be done within less than ten minutes.
  • The ability to run with or without an external MySQL database.
  • Simple Wiki Syntax. Build-in Markup Editor makes creating content more easy!
  • Version History  / Page Index / Diff / Backlinks
  • Full Text Search Index
  • Support for Attachments
  • Content is organised in Rooms
  • Powerful access rights management
  • User/Group Management
  • Enterprise Performance and Scalability

Information in English

As we currently focus on the german market, not all documentation is available right now in english. We are sorry to say that, especially the blog and this website is mainly in german, so watch for changs of this page and also for blog entries in english.

As of Beta 0.9.0 the user help is only available in german. Installation, Configuration and Administration Guides are by default in english language.

Supported Platform

  • Java 6.0
  • HSQL or MySQL as database system
  • Apache Tomcat 6.0 as application server

6of5 Wiki stands on a solid Foundation

  • developed in Java, the programming language for the enterprise
  • based on standards like J2EE and JSP
  • use of leading frameworks like Spring and powerful libraries like Lucene and myBatis
  • state of art development methods: Test Driven Development (TDD) and Continous Integration (CI)
  • with the help of modern development tools: Eclipse, Maven, Artifactory and Hudons (soon Jenkins)

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